Tempo / Progressive Electronics
Tempo, formally Progressive Electronics, is a powerful force in the installation, test and measurement of communications cabling created from some of the most respected companies in the datacom, telecom and fiber optics markets.
Greenlee NC-100
Greenlee NC-500

A complete range of test sets designed to test services from basic analog voice service to sophisticated ISDN, these handheld devices are rugged and reliable. These products set the standard for test and maintenance of communication services.

Tempo's Omni and Unimarker line of industry-standard buried markers allow users to return precisely to a spot over a buried object. They are available for 7 applications: telephone, cable TV, water, power, gas, sanitary and general/non-potable water.

Irrigation systems for landscaping, golf courses and campuses are electrically controlled networks of valves, timers and switches. Tempo's line of testers and locators make troubleshooting irrigation systems simple.

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