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It all begins with the terminations. For over 15 years Platinum tools have enabled you to get your jobs done quickly and easily. Platinum Tools brings that same commitment to their growing line of testers. Tools that will make you even more efficient, help remove job site frustrations and assure accuracy. Now we make your jobs EZ from termination to test.

Platinum Tools Testers Group
Platinum Tools 4MAPPER Tester - T104C

4MAPPER™ Tester. The fast and easy solution to troubleshoot
and identify multiple coax cables. Also quickly identify and track
up to 4 connections at a time from the main cable box1.

Platinum Tools T119C VDV MapMaster Tester

VDV MapMaster™ Tester. Combines continuity testing, mapping and tone
generator functions into a single unit. Capable of identifying and mapping 19 voice, data and
video locations at one time. Whether your jobs are commercial or residential, the versatility of
the VDV MapMaster™ makes it an installer’s best friend!

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Platinum Tools VDV MapMaster 2.0 T129

VDV MapMaster™ 2.0 Tester. Combines continuity testing, mapping, tone
generator and length measurement functions in a single tester. Capable of identifying and
mapping 19 locations at one time. Whether your jobs are commercial or residential, the
versatility & added features of the VDV MapMaster™ 2.0 makes it an installer’s best friend!

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Platinum Tools Cable Prowler TCB300

Cable Prowler™ Tester. Provides full color cable testing and report
management for Cat3, 5e, 6 & 6A, coax, and telephone cable types. The Cable
Prowler™ combines the functions of a high-end cable tester and length measurement
tester, the capability to identify link status, link capability, and PoE detection.
All of this functionality is combined with internal memory to save, download and
output results in full color.

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Platinum Tools Coax Clarifier Tester TCC200 & TCC220

Coax Clarifier™ Tester.
Discern the layout of a dark coax network, locate faults on individual cable
runs, identify remotes through splitters, and determine cable run lengths.
Separate wiremapping sets allows mapping the entire coax system and
measure the quality and network characterization for carrying high grade
video, surveillance data and HD programming.

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Platinum Tools RECON Test Set - T62

RECON™ Test Set.
The RECON™ is the first true 21st century telecommunication line analyzer.
It is a field instrument that delivers more information of online conditions &
status than any other test set on the market.

Platinum Tools Snap Shot Tester - TSS200

Model: TSS200

Snap Shot™ Tester.
Accurately finds cable length, impediments in the cable and conditions at the end
of every wire in your data, power or communications/video system up to 3,000 ft.
Advanced Spread Spectrum TDR technology (SSTDR) works in all wire environments
and is immune to voltage, current, or data stream disruptions.

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Platinum Tools Tester Accessories
Tester Accessories

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