Series GB-H International Circuit Breakers
High Short Circuit Interruption Capacity

Multiple Load Ratings
Load Switching

The Solution For Better System
Protection & Productivity

Adjust trip point to match load with short circuit
protection and adjustable thermal protection

Description - series MEC type-GB H Molded Case Controllers are modern compact heavy-duty breakers, available in 2 frame sizes thru 250 Amp.

The Series GB H Controllers are designed for easy field addition of all common accessory elements including shunt trip, under voltage trip, alarm trip aux. and extra auxiliary contacts.

Integrated Motor Protection - Type GB H Controllers include adjustable thermal and adjustable magnetic trip, both combined in one housing. The adjustable thermal trip consists of 3 BiMetallic elements, factory precision calibrated and field adjustable to provide approved motor protection (UL 508). The 100 Amp frame is fixed magnetic trip. The 250 Amp frame has adjustable magnetic and thermal trip for more precise load protection.

Coordinated Trip Elements - Magnetic and Thermal. With both elements in the same housing, specific applications can be matched with one unit. The Type GB H then replace the old magnetic only breaker and the old separate O.L. heater block in one coordinated unit. This technique has been commonly used throughout Europe and the rest of the world for many years and provides more precise load protection.

High performance and multi-functional MCCB to meet each customer's application.

This bulletin LG-GBH covers series GBH, 100Amp and 250Amp Frames.
Series GBH has 42kA IC, and GBL has extra high IC capacity.

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