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Thermal Imaging - InfraRed Cameras - Starting at $2995 Now Only $1995!
  • 32,000-pixel resolution for crisp thermal images
  • Built-in digital camera with 2.3 Megapixel resolution
  • A laser pointer that targets a hotspot and marks it on your IR image
  • Scalable fusion that merges visible and thermal images
  • Built-in illuminator lamps for quality visible images - even in poor lighting.
  • 0.1°C thermal sensitivity, you know this is a stand-out, professional-grade camera
  • Files quickly and easily captured to an SD card in Radiometric JPEG format
  • Free Software for analyzing data and creating reports
  • JPEG Images that are easily shared via email. No special software, no cumbersome file conversions.

See what you've been missing!

FLIR i-SERIES - Best-in-Class Thermal Imagers


Mini SD™ Card


EXTECH i5 / ICR40 - Was $2995 Now $1995
Smallest, Lightest, and Most Affordable

New to Thermography?
If you are new to thermography and need a general purpose Thermal Imaging Camera for troubleshooting, the EXTECH i5 is perfect for you! this pocket sized, fully automatic camera is designed for entry level Thermograpers. It's easy to use and loaded with all the Thermal Imaging functions you'd expect from a professional grade camera at a fraction of the price!

  • EXTECH i5's high 2% accuracy produces sensitive thermal images (80 x 80 pixels on a 2.8"color LCD) for general purpose maintenance analysis.
  • The fixed lens with focus-free feature makes using the EXTECH i5 a snap.
  • At just 12 ounces, the EXTECH i5 is the lightest, most compact thermal imaging camera in the world.
  • Ergonomically designed to comfortable fit in the palm of your hand, the pocket-sized camera is incredibly portable and easy to carry.
  • Dust and splash proof, the rugged EXTECH i5 meets IP43 standards.
  • EXTECH i5 stores its images with unique ID in radiometric JPEG format on a standard Mini SD™ Card .
  • All of its 6,400 thermal pixels can be analyzed using QuickReport™ software.
  • Images can then be inserted into e-mail, Word®, and Powerpoint ® documents for sharing without losing any of the valuable radiometric data.

EXTECH Thermal Imaging i-SERIES Specification Catalog (pdf)

Laser Pointer

Electrical Inspection

EXTECH InfraCAM™ SD / ICR55 - $4995
Professional Grade Camera

For the Professional
The Professional grade InfraCAM™ SD camera features a high contrast color display and Laser Pointer making detecting hot spots quick and easy. Use the InfraCAM™ SD camera to help avoid electrical failures, increase safety, and even prevent fires with used during periodic scheduled inspections.

  • Monitor and diagnose the condition of electrical system components to detect and address problems before the delivery of power is interrupted.
  • Crisp thermal images (120 x 120 pixels) are displayed on the super large 3.5" LCD, highlighting any anomalies that require attention.
  • The state of the art FLIR Infrared Detector with 2% accuracy produces highly sensitive thermal images that allow you to detect the subtle temperature variations which can signal faults in electrical components.
  • The manual lens focus combined with adjustable temperature differences accurately and get sharper images.
  • It is perfect for distant target measurements (ideal for outdoor applications).
  • The InfraCAM™ SD features a built-in Laser LocatIR™ Pointer to help you quickly associate the hot spot on the IR image with the real physical target.
  • this feature greatly enhances the ability to target inconsistencies.
  • The InfraCAM™ SD captures images with 14,400 thermal pixels, all of which can be stored with unique ID in standard radiometric JPEG format.
  • The majority of PVC cables have a 70°C temperature limit.
  • Checking with a thermal imager will show overheating on specific wires.
  • A cable that's at a higher temperature than others may show load imbalance.

EXTECH Thermal Imaging i-SERIES Specification Catalog (pdf)



Built-In Illuminator

FLIR i40

  • 14,400 Pixels (120 x 120)
  • Fixed Fusion
  • 0.6 MP visual resolution
  • 19,600 Pixels (140 x 140)
  • 3-steps Fusion PIP
  • Laser LocatIR™ pointer
  • 2.3 MP visual resolution
  • 32,400 Pixels (180 x 180)
  • Scalable Fusion PIP
  • Scalable Fusion PIP
  • Auto Hot/Cold Marker
  • Laser LocatIR™ pointer
  • 2.3 MP visual resolution
The Competition
2.3 megapixel's
0.3 Megapixel's
32,400 Pixels
(180 x 180)
19,200 Pixels
(160 x 120)
1.3 lbs
2.65 lbs
HVAC: Insulation Failure
Plant: Overheating Motor
Electrical: Faulty Connections

True Preventative Maintenance
Thermal Imaging brings true preventative maintenance to plants and facilities. Quickly and easily scan entire electrical systems and motor banks without having to shut anything down. Inspect moving parts, dangerous areas,and other hard-to-reach spots. Instantly detect, document, flag and schedule for repair faulty connections and fuses, circuit breakers, water infiltrations and roof leaks, refrigerant, and duct leaks.

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