Elyssa / DigiVue™
Digital Video Recorders with Ethernet

  • Motion Detection, Auto Switching
  • USB Port provides basic control via PC and ability to create AVI event files
  • Advance MJPEG
  • Real Time Display Refresh Rate (120 fps)
  • Manual / Programmed / Sensor Recording
  • Frame or Quad Recording
  • Watch Dog feature automatically restores record mode after power outage
  • Network function

16 Channel Digital Video Recorder with Ethernet
Model: ECDVR16-WEB-120 (with 120gb hard drive storage)
Model: ECDVR16-WEB-250 (with 250gb hard drive storage)
Model: ECDVR16-WEB-500 (with 500gb hard drive storage)

  • Real Time Display Refresh Rate (480fps)
  • Ultra-High Recording Resolution 720x240 (NTSC) / 720x288 (PAL)
  • 120 fps (NTSC) / 100 fps (PAL) Maximum Recording Speed
  • USB flash drive backup
  • Triplex Operation Standalone 16ch DVR (record / playback / network at one time)
  • Remote Viewer Software, net Viewer Central Control, Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • TCP/IP, DHCP, Supports Film Fixed IP and Dynamic IP
  • Specially Still Controller, search data faster and more conveniently
  • 192 configurable Detection Areas per channel and 5 levels of sensitivity per area
  • Simultaneous 1 channel real-time audio and video recording.
  • Supports two HD Mobile racks and one HD space inside
  • Supports RS-232 and RS-485 ports for Remote Control. (Optional).
  • Built-in CD-RW backup
  • Password Protection

IDE Hard Disc Drives

  • Permits fast switching or Replacement of Hard Drives
  • 120GB = Up to 2400 HRS

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