Elyssa / DigiVue™
Lenses for CCTV Cameras

Model: EC-ML29 (2.9mm)
Model: EC-ML36 (3.6mm)
Model: EC-ML6 (6mm)
Model: EC-ML8 (8mm)

Model: EC-ML12 (12mm)
Optional Standard Optic Mini Camera Lenses

Threaded mount will replace lens on any non-pinhole mini camera shown.

Model: EC-831-4 (4mm / f2.0)
Model: EC-831-6 (6mm / f2.0)

Super-Mini 1/3" B&W CCD Camera with Built-In Standard 3.6mm
Lens & Bracket

  • CS Lens Mount
  • IR Automatically Switched On by Camera at 10 Lux or Below
  • Lens and Camera are Purchased Separately

Taylor the image to the needs of the customer with the twist of a dial,
or allow the customer to change his mind about the viewing area.

Model: EC-V3314DC
2.3X Varifocal Lens (3.5-8mm)

  • DC Auto-Iris Manual Zoom
  • Perfect for Most Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • CS Mount
  • 3.3-8mm, f 1.4

Model: EC-V0616DC
10X Varifocal Lens (6-60mm)

  • DC Auto-Iris Manual Zoom
  • Perfect for Parking Lots and Other Long Range Applications
  • CS Mount
  • 6-60mm, f 1.6

Model: EC-V3314NI
2.3X Varifocal Lens (6-60mm)

  • No Iris, Manual Zoom
  • Perfect for Indoor Applications with Constant Lighting
  • CS Mount
  • 3.3-8mm, f1.4

Model: EC-V3314DC
2.3X Varifocal Lens (6-60mm)

  • Manual Iris and Zoom
  • Perfect for Most Indoor Applications
  • CS Mount
  • 3.3-8mm, f1.4

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