Elyssa / Closed Circuit Television Products

DigiVue Products

Digital Video Cards with Software

  • Turn a computer into a full featured digital video security system
  • Replace outdated time lapse recorders with state of the art digital computer storage digital recording on your computer hard drive 
  • 4 through 16 Camera Cards

Digital Video Accessories

  • USB Real Time Color Quad
  • USB DVR Stick
  • USB Audio / Video Capture System Stick
  • Web Server for 2 USB Cameras

PCs and Digital Video Recorders with Ethernet

  • DigiVue Turn-Key PCs Ready to Use
  • 4 and 16 Channel Digital Video Recorders with Ethernet

Voice Logger and Accessories

  • DigiVue Digital Voice Logger Telephone Recording System
  • DigiVue Voice Logger Detector
  • DigiVue Voice Professional Software Key
  • DigiVue Voice Logger Remote Client Software Key
  • Microphone Module with Pre-Amp
  • Voice Activated Telephone Recorder

Audio and Video Surveillance Decals

  • Video Surveillance Decal
  • Audio Monitoring Decal
  • Telephone Monitoring Decal

  • This product is prohibited from illegal activities.
  • Our company shall not be responsible for any consequences from any illegal conduct by the users of this product.

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