Elyssa / DigiVue™
CCTV Cameras

High Speed Dome Camera with Pan / Tilt / Zoom and PTZ Controllers

  • The DigiVue® Dome camera has been designed with size in mind. It's 8 inch dome makes it suitable for almost any application including all day / night and environmental conditions. A heater and blower system are integrated in the dome housing enabling clear viewing in adverse weather conditions.
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom Controllers
  • RS232-485 Interface Converters

CLUBCAM Low Light Color Cameras

  • Elyssa's CLUBCAM series of cameras provide brilliant color video surveillance in low light conditions without the need for IR illumination. Perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants and any area where normal lighting is not present. Elyssa's Night Vision Technology eliminates the need for traditional LED illuminators.

 DigiVue Webcam - USB Color Camera

  • Just connect this camera into your computer's USB port, install the included software, and you are ready to be seen on the web!

Compact Cameras

  • Compact 12V DC cameras that provide high quality images.
  • Cameras are designed to accept interchangable CS screw-in mount lenses.


Outdoor IR Cameras

  • Compact Cameras Designed for Outdoor or Indoor Use
  • Day / Night with Infrared for Low Light Conditions
  • Choice of 4 models with Sun-Shade


Mini-Cameras (Pinhole Lens)

  • Mini CCD Pinhole Cameras
  • Mini CCD Cameras with Fixed Focal Length Lenses

Mini-Dome Cameras

  • Compact Dome Cameras

Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras

  • Color and Black & White Cameras
  • 2 and 3 Cameras in a Single Dome Housing

Wall Mounted Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras

  • Color and Black & White Cameras
  • 2 and 3 Cameras in a Single Dome Housing

Lipstick Cameras

  • Weatherproof Digital Cameras
  • Color and Black & White

Specialty Cameras

  • Wide angle Doorscope Peep-Hole Replacement Camera
  • Mini Concealed Pinhole Camera i Working Motion Detector Housing

  • Ultra-Micro Color Camera with Pinhole Lens
  • Micro Color Camera with Pinhole Lens
  • Micro Dome Color Camera

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