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Security Systems and Accessories
  • Passive Infrared Detector
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet
  • Weight (without battery): 11lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9"W x 9"D x 7-1/4"H
  • 115dB Siren (2 Minute Cut-Off / Reset)
  • 2 - Key-Chain Style Remote Controls
  • Operating Temperature: -10° to 110°F
  • Charger for Optional Battery Back-Up
  • Current Consumption in Armed Mode:70mA
  • Ceiling or Wall Mountable with Supplied Brackets

The ABS-1000+ Security System is a self-contained system which is comprised of a control panel, motion sensing device and a 115dB siren, all built inside an easy to mount steel cabinet. Two remote controls are provided for easy arming and disarming of the system. Knock-outs are also provided for electrical conduit entry; and a plug-in DC power supply is included. There is also a separate compartment for an optional rechargeable back-up battery.

Not only can the ABS-1000+ be used as a stand-alone system, but input terminals are provided to wire optional window and door switches, remote motion sensing devices, or temperature alert sensors, etc. 12 volt D.C. power is also provided to power these devices. An output is also provided with an on board relay giving you a 5 amp N.O. / N.C. dry contact activated when the unit is triggered. This can be used to trigger a dialer, a remote siren, central security system, etc. Terminals are provided for adding a remote on/off key switch and remote LED "armed indicator".

  • Up to 50' Range
  • Easy Code Setting

The Ra-02 is a 2-button RF transmitter designed for use with the ABS-1000+.

  • Easy to Program
  • Easy to Install
  • Stand Alone Operation or Alarm Activation
  • Reliable - Fully Digital - No Tapes to Jam or Wear Out
  • Single or Dual Channel Operation
  • Supports Voice Messaging
  • Pr-Programmed Popular Central Station Protocols

The ECTD-101 phone dialer connects to any alarm and is capable of sending two 10 second, or one 20 second, digital message to 4 separate phone numbers and two pager numbers as well as two central station numbers. It is small enough to fit inside most existing alarm cabinets. Separately programmable trigger inputs (N.O., N.C.).

  • Sturdy
  • Dual Element
  • Built-In 3-30 Second Timer
  • Heavy-Duty 5A Contacts
  • Flexible Installation
  • Wide Range of Application
  • 12V / 24V AC / DC Operation

Truly the "Rugged One." It is ideal for stock areas, loading docks, warehouses, or anywhere a PIR might take a beating. The ERGD-1 motion detector is a flush mount (on standard 1900 wall box) or surface mount (with included multi-angle back box), quad element, passive infrared unit with a sturdy steel faceplate. A built-in 3-30 second timer, 5A N.O. / N.C. relay, and 12 / 24 VAC/DC power make this unit suitable for application from annunciation, to lighting control, to alarm trigger.

  • Universal Operation
  • Long Recieving Range
  • Easy Transmitter Setting
  • Momentary, Timed and Ratchet Relay Modes
  • 12V 24V AC/DC Operation
  • Heavy Duty 5A Contacts

Control any two low voltage operations from a convenient, pocket sized remote. Teh EWC-2 is a 2-channel operation permits control of 2 devices through separate 5A N.O. / N.C. relay contacts, 1 to 60 second timer and built -in ratchet relay with LED and piezo indicators for each channel. Power may be obtained from a 12 or 24 volt AC or DC source, and a built-in battery charger and connections for a 12 VDC backup battery are provided. Also provided is a fused 500mA power supply for auxiliary devices.

  • Easy DIP Switch Code Setting

The RA-03 is a 2-button RF transmitter designed for use with the EWC-2.

  • Entry by Tag, Code, or Both
  • Tamper Switch
  • Selective User Delete
  • Operaties All Types of Door Strikes or Magnetic Locks
  • 255 Users
  • 3 Amp Dry Contact Transfer upon Activation

The EC-PRK-1 is a proximity tag reader, keypad and doorbell switch all built into one unit. It is easy to program and is a clean, low profile housing. Included are 10 fob tags.

  • Package of 10 Units
  • For use with EC-PRK-1

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