B.E.S Manufacturing

B.E.S. Manufacturing makes quality tools for the installation of all types of wire and cable. Featuring the Fiberfish™, fiberglass push/pull rods that are connected in sections to meet variable length requirements. Available with a large variety of attachments to suit nearly any installation situation.

BES Barracuda Fishtape
  • Lower Prices!
  • Patent #6416040
  • Integrated Cam-Lock™ handle grabs onto the tape and pulls.
  • The harder you pull, the tighter the cams grip.
  • Let go of the handle and the cams release, allowing you to wind up the slack as you go.
  • Available with carbon steel or stainless steel wire.
  • Winds and unwinds like a standard fishtape.
  • Gaskets in handle squeegee the tape as it retracts, keeping it free from dirt and water.

  • Telescopes to full length in seconds
  • Easy to handle in tight spots
  • Push or pull wires over long spans, suspended ceilings, crawl spaces and attics
  • Works great in factories and warehouses, work a 25' ceiling without a ladder
  • Made of non-conductive Fiberglass for safety
  • Innovative lever lock system locks sections at any length
  • Sturdy, durable, and lightweight at 5 lb.

BES Fiberglass Retriever
  • Fiberglass Retriever features 2 - 4' sections that screw together to snag wires in hard to reach areas
  • Top piece nests inside bottom for convenient storage
  • V-Tip (included) easy grabs wires or cables

BES Plastic Coated Fiberfish and Glowfish Rods
  • Fiberfish and Glowfish rods are coated with a durable plastic coating
    • Offers the same great performance with no risk of splintering or slivering of the fiberglass
  • Fiberfish and Glowfish wire installation rods come in sections that screw together as needed
  • All rods feature durable zinc-plated, rustproof, steel end fittings
  • Kits come packaged in a handy clear carry case with vinyl caps

BES Attachments, Accessories Kits and Repair Kits for Fiberfish and Glowfish
  • Repair Kits - Ends and epoxy for Fiberfish and Glowfish field repairs
  • Fiberglass Restoration Kit
  • Attachments to fit Fiberfish 1/4" and Universal Attachments that fit all 3/16" and 5/32"

BES Under Carpet Tape, Fish Wire, and Fibersnakes

BES Under Carpet Tape, Fish Wire, and Fibersnakes

  • Under Carpet Tape is made from annealed stainless steel
    • Available in 10' and 25' versions
    • Use it to run wire between carpet and padding
    • One rounded end with hole and one curled end.
  • Fibersnake Fishtapes come in a pvc case
    • Use them in conduit
    • Reinforced fiberglass core is jacketed with a plastic coating for superior flexibility and durability.
    • Zinc plated tips and ends won't rust
    • Comes with two pulling tips, pull from either direction

BES FiberSnakes
  • Fibersnake Fishtapes and Rodders are designed for use in conduit.
  • The reinforced fiberglass core is jacketed with a plastic coating for superior flexibility and durability
  • Non-conductive, so it works great for conduit with existing wiring
  • Rust-proof brass tips and fittings
  • Fibersnakes are available in 3/16", 1/4" and 5/16" diameters and up to 1000' lengths
  • Fibersnakes are designed to pull fish line or rope, and are not recommended for pulling wire and cable

BES Contractor Packs
  • Three Packs to choose from:
    • Installer Pack
    • Contractor Pack
    • Professional Pack

BES Piranhabits - Bits and Accessories
  • Replaceable Auger Bits are patented with a design that allows the drill head to be replaced instead of throwing the entire bit away when it becomes dull.
  • High Speed Steel Bits offer superior quality M-2 High Speed Steel
  • Carbide Masonry Bits are made of high quality carbide for stone and masonry
  • Tru-Point spur keeps the bit from "walking". Drill fast clean holes, right where you want them.
  • Auger Bits for an aggressive self feed cut, fast clean holes in wood.
  • Wire Bits can be used as locators or "feeler" bits to find a specific wall cavity.

BES Wire Carts and Reel Holders
  • Cable Reel Holder takes the hassle out of installing bulk cable. Simply pull cable conveniently and safely from a sturdy lightweight frame.
  • EZ-Spool is designed to pay out shrink wrapped wire coils, with no tangles, knots, or dragging.
  • Cable Truck and Cable Caddy are designed with sturdy 7" rubber wheels for easy mobility.
  • Cable Carts feature vertical racks that swing forward for easy loading and front stanchions for additional spools.

BES Extra-Hand Tools
  • Super Wrist Magnet features strong neodymium magnets and is rated to hold up to 6 pounds. Saves time by keeping steel parts close at hand.
  • Trident LED Light combines a super-bright white xenon bulb with three 100,000 hour LED's.

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