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Customer Satisfaction

  • Team Concept: Cal-Centron conducts Business with a Team Concept, which includes our Loyal Customers over the past 20 years as part of the Team. Our success is due to the fact that we are on the winning team together. Cal-Centron as an Electronic and Electrical Wholesale Company strives to obtain and stock products our customers need, so that they can function more successfully in this fast changing market. Our goal at Cal-Centron is to continue to be a Team Player, with friendly attitudes, affordable prices, always looking at market trends for new products and technologies that will take us into the 21st century.

  • True Industrial Electronic & Electrical Products: Cal-Centron is an Industrial Electronic and Electrical Wholesale Distributor. True, that is an unusual combination, we recognized in 1988 that the two markets were merging. We stock as an example; from Electronic instrument enclosures to Electrical NEMA enclosures, Electronic European 5mm x 20mm type fuses to Electrical "low peak" (LPJ) cartridge type fuses, Electronic DIP Reed Relays to 3 Phase Combination Motor Starters. Today technicians are needing products from both fields and having difficulty in finding many parts. Browse through our Product Line page, notice that some lines are European in origin, and can be a big help with equipment coming from Europe. Those same lines have all the tough European approvals needed to export.

  • Industrial Area: Cal-Centron is located in Stockton California in the heart of the San Joaquin valley, one hour away from the Silicon Valley and an hour away from our state capitol (Sacramento). This is a prime agricultural area so food harvesting and processing is a strong part of our business along with many types of manufacturing companies, and Municipalities from Local to the Federal Government. We also work with various Medical fields such as Hospitals to X-ray equipment repair, Original Equipment Manufactures, and numerous Electronic businesses.

  • Honored to Serve You: We at Cal-Centron are honored and pleased to welcome customers as Our New Team Players, and will strive to help make your purchasing of Electronic and Electrical parts an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience. We will be continually adding new On-Line Specials, Links and New Product Lines in the weeks to come, so check back regularly

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