Strain Reliefs / NPT Conduit Adapters
CableGlandFullView.JPG (4138 bytes) Cable glands, also commonly known as strain relief's have become increasingly common throughout the industry. Metal NEMA 4 conduit connectors are very expensive. Cable glands are less than half their cost.

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Cable Gland Features

  • Each fitting can accommodate different cable diameters
  • Waterproof neoprene gaskets
  • Advanced Multiple interlock facets guarantee equal compression against cable
  • Smooth bore allows quick assembly - not necessary to dismantle, resulting in substantial labor savings
  • Excellent protection - no screw clamps to damage the outer diameter of cable
  • Advanced thread design improves cap/cable compression
  • Acme threads eliminate cross threading
  • Product is made of polyamide 6, offering excellent chemical resistance and temperature protection
  • Spare nuts as accessory

Cable Gland
Specification Pages

Gray is the standard color.
Black is recommended for UV color fade resistance. Custom colors available.

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