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ByteBrothers ProTone Kit

ByteBrothers CTX590 ProTone Wire Locator features a powerful tone generator with a filtered, ultrabright LED Lighted probe. This rugged full featured set is the perfect toner/probe for every need. Provides RJ11, Rj45 and insulated alligator clips connections. LED indicates continuity, voltage/polarity. Probe includes ultrabright LED tip, fluorescent light, noise filter and volume control.

ByteBrothers CTX Pocket CAT

ByteBrothers CTX200 Pocket CAT™, ;the perfect tester for both Ethernet (RJ45) and coax cables. Ruggedized and cushioned for field use. Ethernet test is a complete TIA568 test for opens, shorts, crosses and split pairs. Bright blue LEDs instantly render the PASS/FAIL results. A built-in, hidden drawer stores the remote wiremap adapter. Includes a tone generator compatible with most tone probes including ByteBrothers brand.

ByteBrothers Real world Certifier 2 RWC1000

The ByteBrothers Real World Certifier, in addition to testing cable lengths, opens, shorts and split pairs, the RWC looks at the speed parameters of a cable. Add this to the network tests and the "proof-of-test" reports and you have valuable services to offer your customer. The RWC is available in printing and non-printing models.

ByteBrothers Cable & Power Kit

Cable & Power Kit if you need serious cable testing of UTP CAT5/6 cable and also work around CAT5/6 cable that is energized, this combination kit is for you. The Cable & Power Kit combines the high performance Real World Certifier (with 250 report storage) at a terrific savings. This kit is everything that you need to thoroughly test cables and devices plus determine exactly what is on your CAT5/6 network. And, if you work with PoE, you can test for voltage and operation of your PoE voltage source.

ByteBrothers LAN Tester TVR10/100/1000

TVR10/10/1000 now with Gigabit and duplex! Works with all 10, 100, 1000MB networks. The perfect entry level LAN tester. No training required! 3 devices in one: as a LAN device tester it displays both advertised and negotiated speeds/duplex and PoE (Power over Ethernet). Features a built-in Tone Generator/Probe and cable pairs tester. Because of its gigabit capability, it has replaced the earlier TVR1-/100.


ByteBrothers Power Panel

Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM and Network /PoE Tester. New!! CAT5/6 cables are jammed with data. VoIP phones, IP security cameras... and now 48 volts of PoE ("Power over Ethernet"). The Power Panel DVM spots these devices. Plus, two interactive buttons exercise switches by prompting both data and power (PoE). And, if you install IP cameras or VoIP phones, there is an inline model that passes PoE power to the device and measures power in watts! There are 4 models of the Power Panel and they are available individually or packaged with the Real World Certifier in the "Cable & Power Kits". Probe shown is available with the Power Panel Tone Star model (POW1000ILT).

ByteBrothers VTX454 Camera Wizard

New!! Put the Wizard to work for you and your CCTV surveillance system. Display the video from color and B&W cameras and verify the signal Vpp amplitude on the very same screen! Drive monitors with a color bar or solid colors. Test PTZ from the Camera Wizard's keypad.. and much, much more. Features built-in Digital voltmeter and 10 hour rechargeable batteries.

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