Cutting Tools
Platinum Tools 10500C Coax & Round Wire Cable Cutter

Coax & Round Wire Cable Cutter
Part #: 10500C

Cuts solid and stranded wire to 8 AWG

Platinum Tools  Cut-N-Strip 10503C

Part #: 10503C

25 AWG to 14 AWG

s Scissors 10525C

Professional Electrician's Scissors
Part #: 10525C

Cuts stranded wire to 12 AWG

Platinum Tools 5" Scissor-Run Electrician's Scissors

5" Scissor-Run Electrician's Scissors
Part #: 10517C

An original favorite, this smooth cutting action, scissor-run design is excellent for cutting Kevlar®, foil and wire.

Platinum Tools Leather Pouch, Knife & Scissors Kit 10522C

Leather Pouch, Knife & Scissors Kit
Part #: 10522C

Whether you are a Telcom, Datacom, Security or Electrical installer, your tool belt needs a good pair of scissors, and Splicer Kinfe

Platinum Tools  Cable Splicer Knife 10520C

Cable Splicer Knife
Part #: 10520C


Platinum Tools Ceramic Kevlar Scissors 10530C

Ceramic Kevlar Scissors
Part #: 10530C

Cuts fiberglass aramid fibers.

Platinum Tools 5" Side Cutting Pliers 10531C

5" Side Cutting Pliers
Part #: 10531C

Cuts copper wire and soft metals up to 16 AWG (.05" dia.).

Platinum Tools 100 Pair (2/0) Cable Cutter 10550C

100 Pair (2/0) Cable Cutter
Part #: 10550C

Cuts to 100 pair group telephone cable.

Platinum Tools BTC-200 Cable Cutter 10540C

BTC-20 Cable Cutter
Part #: 10540C

This high leverage, heavy duty, chrome vanadium cable cutter is built to last and is a must for any tool belt!

Platinum Tools CCS-6 Cable Cutter 10514C

CCS-6 Cable Cutter
Part #: 10514C

Platinum Tools introduces the optimal cutting solution for today's VDV (Voice,Data, Video) and security installers.

Platinum Tools Steel Wire Cutter 10512C

Steel Wire Cutter
Part #: 10512C

Heavy duty, high leverage design provides singlehanded cutting action on a wide variety of hard to cut materials.

Platinum Tools  500 MCM Cable Cutter 10569C

500 MCM Cable Cutter
Part #: 10569C

This compact ratcheted cutter is designed for simple one hand operation. Works well in tight spaces.

Platinum Tools Ratcheted Telcom Cutter 10560C

Ratcheted Telcom Cutter - 2,700 Pair
Part #: 10560

Cuts up to 2,700 pair telephone cable.

Platinum Tools Ratcheted Utility Cutter 10565C

Ratcheted Utility Cutter - 750 MCM
Part #: 10565

Cuts up to 750 MCM copper and aluminum cables.

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