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training department retrofit course

This 3-hour 15-mintue DVD training course delivers a complete overview of residential cable retrofitting techniques. It features industry experts Grayson Evans and Mike Cogbill covering the basic principles of retrofit installation techniques for telecom, data, audio / video, and low-voltage cable. Filmed in a "This Old House" style, the course starts with installation technique and tool training in a 2 story framed house in the studio, then takes you through three complete essential retrofit wiring projects, each in a different house construction type in different parts of the U.S. The course is supplied with a detailed workbook, examination, and answer sheet.

This training is perfect for installers who have mastered new construction but lack the knowledge on tools and techniques and the confidence to tackle existing construction.

training department retrofit DVD

This 2-hour DVD demonstrates everything you'll need to know to retrofit all types of cable into existing homes.

Part 1 covers old and new house framing and where to run cables, locating existing in-wall systems and retrofit job planning.

Part 2 covers retrofit installation tools and installation techniques in a studio retrofit house. This part includes drill bits, shaft extensions, drill guides, fish rods and tapes, exploratory tools, retrieval tools, and safety equipment. It also takes you step by step through the most common retrofit techniques using the most appropriate tools...

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